Vertical TeleVantage Viewpoint Instant Messsaging

TeleVantage version 7 now supports real-time instant messaging naitive to the Viewpoint client. This feature allows agents to instant message by right clicking a username in Viewpoint and selecting Send An Instant Message. This client is limited to local LAN access only and does not support file transfer. The IM feature is not logged, and is not HIPPA compliant, so administrators may want to make policies regarding its use if they choose to deploy the feature.

Installing TeleVantage Viewpoint automatically installs the IM client during setup, but an administrator can disable the functionality on a per user or per machine basis. This is acheived by choosing Tools>Add-In Manager from the Viewpoint menu bar, selecting the TeleVantage Instant Messaging add-in and unchecking enabled.

Agents can have multiple conversations at the same time, with each in a seperate window. The application assumes that a user is logged on, at their desk, and has the Viewpoint client installed and enabled. If these assumations are not true, the IM will not be received. The app also has no “I am typing” functioanlity, as many popular IM cleints do. Agents can close the conversation window when they are done conversing, or minimize the window during idle points in the conversation.