Coors Beer Trays

The nedatanet beer tray series continues, with two examples of Coors beer trays from the Mr Ed collection. The ‘silver bullet’ tray is actually plastic, which some feel is appropriate to the taste of the beer.

Coors beer traycoors silver bullet beer tray

NHL All Star Ballot 2003

Continuing on with the trend- Now that the NHL all star weekend is here, we can get back in the wayback machine and vote in players using the 2003 NHL All Star ballot. Gotta love revisionist history!

NHL All Star Ballot 2000

The NHL’s all star game is fast approaching, and in celebration of this event, here is part of a continuing series- the selection page from the 2000 NHL all star ballot. Unfortunately there is no way to go back in time to all Phil Kessel and pick him last.

NHL all star ballot 2000

Symantec’s CleanWipe Removes AntiVirus

Symantec’s CleanWipe is a tool that is used to prepare or clean a Windows computer before you install Symantec Endpoint Protection, or to completely remove any instance of Syamantec Antivirus. The tool comes as a executable file that unzips its contents into a folder and then runs. The password for this self-extracting executable usually is “symantec” (no quotes, all lower case).If nothing else is working when trying to remove a stuck install of a Symantec Antivirus product, CleanWipe can usually get the job done.

CleanWipe will remove all remnants of the following products from a computer:

· Symantec Endpoint Protection
· Symantec AntiVirus
· Symantec Client Security
· Symantec Sygate Enterprise Protection
· Symantec Network Access Control
· Norton AntiVirus
· Symantec System Center
· Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
· Symantec Protection Center

Use Cleanwipe with caution however, as it can step on other products that may depend on Symantec component applications- an example would be BackupExec or Live Update. CleanWipe can be acquired from Symantec Tech Support. If you have a valid support contract, call in and the technician will provide a link to download the latest version.

Symantec CleanwipeSimilar to the earlier product ‘nonav’, running Symantec’s Cleanwipe is simple, just follow along with the prompts as they appear, then allow the machine to reboot when finished.

1992 NHL All Star Ballot

Hey kids, the NHL’s all star weekend is coming soon. Instead of digitally stuffing the ballot box, lets take a trip back to yesteryear, when you had to commit voter fraud the hard way – by grabbing the whole stack of voting forms and filling them out manually. Here is a scan of the 1992 NHL All Star ballot to get you started.