Symantec’s CleanWipe Removes AntiVirus

Symantec’s CleanWipe is a tool that is used to prepare or clean a Windows computer before you install Symantec Endpoint Protection, or to completely remove any instance of Syamantec Antivirus. The tool comes as a executable file that unzips its contents into a folder and then runs. The password for this self-extracting executable usually is “symantec” (no quotes, all lower case).If nothing else is working when trying to remove a stuck install of a Symantec Antivirus product, CleanWipe can usually get the job done.

CleanWipe will remove all remnants of the following products from a computer:

· Symantec Endpoint Protection
· Symantec AntiVirus
· Symantec Client Security
· Symantec Sygate Enterprise Protection
· Symantec Network Access Control
· Norton AntiVirus
· Symantec System Center
· Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
· Symantec Protection Center

Use Cleanwipe with caution however, as it can step on other products that may depend on Symantec component applications- an example would be BackupExec or Live Update. CleanWipe can be acquired from Symantec Tech Support. If you have a valid support contract, call in and the technician will provide a link to download the latest version.

Symantec CleanwipeSimilar to the earlier product ‘nonav’, running Symantec’s Cleanwipe is simple, just follow along with the prompts as they appear, then allow the machine to reboot when finished.

Replacing batteries inside an Symmetra Battery Unit

The battery packs on an APC symmetra have a life span of around 5
years, and replacing all of them at once is an expensive proposition.
In an attempt to cut costs, I decided to replace the individual
batteries that make up each unit.
APCs SYBT4 part number refers to a 4 pack of the individual SYBTU1-PLP
part, which is a long chassis with a handle at one end and a connector
at the other. Each SYBTU1 contains eight individual batteries, and a
small circuit board.

The batteries found in my particular unit were Vision CP1270s, 12V and
7.0 AH rated. You can get these batteries from online vendors such as
osi battery. They are available with the F1 or F2 designator that
indicates the size of the terminal on the battery – for the APC
project, we wanted the f2 batteries with the 1/4 inch lug.

So, once you have gotten your eight batteries, you can get started.

Pop the case by removing 8 screws, and slide back the cover.

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MySQL drops leading zeroes from imported US zip codes

After importing a table from a csv import, MySQL drops the leading zero from those codes that contain it. A quick way to fox this is to use a SQL query to update the table.

Log into the correct database in phpMyAdmin and open the table in question
Choose the SQL option from the tabs at the top
Paste the following query in to the box
UPDATE table_name SET ZipCode = concat(‘0’,ZipCode) WHERE length(ZipCode) = 4

Modify the statement to fit your situation, including table name and the zip code field name if needed. If you look at the code, you can tell that this will only work for a 5 digit code.

Execute statement and check the result.

Interspire logon fails even though password is correct after WWW redirect

Ran into this issue after modifying Interspire Shopping Cart’s main .htaccess file to 301 redirect non-www urls to . A log in to the admin section would fail each time, but using the same password after removing the www redirect would work. The problem is in the shop path variable, it must include the www part of the domain name. There are two points that this can be fixed in, by either editing the spop path under store settings, or by modifying the config.php file in the line that specifies the ISC_CFG variable “ShopPath”.

Office For Mac 2011 -Cannot Save Spreadsheet in Excel Problem

Ran into an issue on an install of Office for Mac 2011 recently. When the user attempted to save an excel spreadsheet, they would get an error as follows:
– file name or path name does not exist
– file is being used by another program
– name is the same as another file

Unfortunately these error messages were not the case- it was a new file with a unique name, and only Excel was trying to use the document.

The solution was simple to understand once the issue was fixed by verifying disc permissions. The user did not have the correct permissions to write files. Apparently saving an Excel document writes first to a temporary location which they had no rights.

Quickbooks shipping manager problem | settings unavailable or problems starting the add in

You may receive Error 25002 or Error 11949 in the log files or event manager as an indicator of a problem in Quickbooks when setting up or using the shipping manager add-in.

Assuming the Quickbooks settings for shipping manager have already been set, a profile has been created on the computer. It appears that the Quickbooks shipping manager settings are per-user, so the first method of correcting the problem is to go into the settings and delete the ship information and close the shipping manager settings. If this does not work or the settings for shipping manager are unavailable, there is another way to reset Quickbooks’ settings: Continue reading “Quickbooks shipping manager problem | settings unavailable or problems starting the add in”

Norton Save And Restore Restoration Point On USB HDD Not Available

Norton Save And Restore is a retail package software applicaton that includes Disk Imaging technology. It differs from Norton Ghost corporate edition, but includes the old retail Norton Ghost 10. It allows a GUI backup to a selected location – in this case a USB hard drive.

Sometimes, an issue arises where during a recovery, and booting off the recovery CD, the backup restore point on a USB HDD is not seen by the program. Using the Browse For Recovery point shows no available points and the user cannot browse to the USB hard drive.

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Solving Vertical TeleVantage Error 27506

When upgrading from version 7 to 7.5, one of the procedures is to upgrade the TeleVantage Services :Upgrade  TVrecording Archive Service to the matching version. The install may fail with the following error message:

TeleVantage Services Setup Information
Error 27506. Error executing SQL Script TvArchive.sql. Line 328 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘PK_Users’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘Users’.(2627)

This error seems to stem from the script trying to create a user in the local MSDE instance used to catalog the recordings, but the user already exists.

To fix this issue and allow the upgrade to proceed, run setup again, this time deselecting the Archive Service. This will remove of the service, but will not harm the database. Now, rerun the setup script and add the archive component again. Setup should now complete normally.

Solving Vertical TeleVantage Error 7595 Database Unknown

During a client install, the following error is displayed:

Error 7595 Database Unknown

This seems to be related to a MDAC problem. Grab a copy of the MDAC from the NetSetup folder. Extract the MDAC using WinZip. Browse the contents of the file. Extract the files to
C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\OleDB

Run the following to reregister the dll file.
regsvr32 “C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\OleDB\sqloledb.dll”

Reboot, and attempt to restart TeleVantage.