Quickbooks shipping manager problem | settings unavailable or problems starting the add in

You may receive Error 25002 or Error 11949 in the log files or event manager as an indicator of a problem in Quickbooks when setting up or using the shipping manager add-in.

Assuming the Quickbooks settings for shipping manager have already been set, a profile has been created on the computer. It appears that the Quickbooks shipping manager settings are per-user, so the first method of correcting the problem is to go into the settings and delete the ship information and close the shipping manager settings. If this does not work or the settings for shipping manager are unavailable, there is another way to reset Quickbooks’ settings:

Browse to :
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Intuit\ShippingManager
Where username is the name of the account that is logged in to the machine. This folder is hidden by default, so enable viewing of hidden folders and files in Windows. Once you see the folder, simply rename it ( Shipping Mangler is appropriate) and then restart Quickbooks. You should now be able to re-run the Quickbooks shipping manager setup.

There is one other recommended method and that is to run the repair utility from add/remove programs. This will take a long time, but restore all Quickbooks files to the default state they were in when installed.