NHL All Star Ballot 2003

Continuing on with the trend- Now that the NHL all star weekend is here, we can get back in the wayback machine and vote in players using the 2003 NHL All Star ballot. Gotta love revisionist history!

NHL All Star Ballot 2000

The NHL’s all star game is fast approaching, and in celebration of this event, here is part of a continuing series- the selection page from the 2000 NHL all star ballot. Unfortunately there is no way to go back in time to all Phil Kessel and pick him last.

NHL all star ballot 2000

1992 NHL All Star Ballot

Hey kids, the NHL’s all star weekend is coming soon. Instead of digitally stuffing the ballot box, lets take a trip back to yesteryear, when you had to commit voter fraud the hard way – by grabbing the whole stack of voting forms and filling them out manually. Here is a scan of the 1992 NHL All Star ballot to get you started.

Boston Bruins GameDay Posters – Bruins vs Oilers

For the past 3 seasons, the Boston Bruins have been handing out a small poster sized gameday roster. The front features (typically) a player, and the back has rosters for both teams, and other information about the featured player, game notes, the upcoming schedule, etc. These posters look similar to the old fight posters promoting boxing matches.¬† This is today’s example: Boston Bruins vs the Edmonton Oilers, featuring Tyler Seguin on the front. As a note, its notoriously hard to get one these home without too many wrinkles, tears, folds and such.