.msp files eating up my disc space!

windirstat outputWorking on a system recently, I noticed that its 20 GB primary partition was low on disc space. There was nothing immediately obvious as to the cause, so I broke out the windirstat utility. This gives a visual representation of the filesystem, using different sized blocks to identify large files, and color codes each file to show the data type. This great utility immediately pointed out some large files with the .msp extension that were taking up 5GB of space on the disk. Continue reading “.msp files eating up my disc space!”

Using Monolingual To Reclaim Disk Space On MAC OSX

Monolingual is a freeware application that deletes all the extra languages on your Mac, in an attempt to free up disk space. By removing all the files kept by unused languages, substantial space can be freed up. For instance, you would have to be a tremendous Star Trek geek to even think of using the Klingon language on the Mac, but a default install includes it.

Other options, such as keyboard layouts, can also safely be removed. The ability to remove Architectures is available. This is an option to select only if you are sure you want to remove them, backwards compatibility can be affected. Continue reading “Using Monolingual To Reclaim Disk Space On MAC OSX”


coconutBattery is an application that monitors the status of a Mac battery. The latest version, 2.5.1, is compatible with the MacBook and Macbook Pro. This freeware app can tell what the current charge of the battery is, what the current capacity is and the original capacity was. It can also detect the model of MacBook it is running on, how old the computer is and how many load cycles the battery has undergone. The program can save battery information for long term analysis as well.

coconutBattery can be downloaded from the author’s site at coconut-flavour.com. The author accepts donations via paypal, please support this program