Replacing batteries inside an Symmetra Battery Unit

The battery packs on an APC symmetra have a life span of around 5
years, and replacing all of them at once is an expensive proposition.
In an attempt to cut costs, I decided to replace the individual
batteries that make up each unit.
APCs SYBT4 part number refers to a 4 pack of the individual SYBTU1-PLP
part, which is a long chassis with a handle at one end and a connector
at the other. Each SYBTU1 contains eight individual batteries, and a
small circuit board.

The batteries found in my particular unit were Vision CP1270s, 12V and
7.0 AH rated. You can get these batteries from online vendors such as
osi battery. They are available with the F1 or F2 designator that
indicates the size of the terminal on the battery – for the APC
project, we wanted the f2 batteries with the 1/4 inch lug.

So, once you have gotten your eight batteries, you can get started.

Pop the case by removing 8 screws, and slide back the cover.

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Wii Strap Dye Job

The Nintendo Wii controllers are great but is is not easy to tell them apart. I had a small piece of blue painterĀ“s tape on one to mark it as my secondry controller which worked well enough but was not pretty by any strech of the imagination. A few weeks ago, I used Rit dye to colorize the Wii straps. The process is simple and the results are excellent.

Mix up some dye according to the instructions on the package. I used a bit more dye solution the the package stated to get a nice dark color. Now, bring the dye to a simmer on the stove, and throw in the straps. Stir constantly; keep them moving. After about 15 minutes, take the straps and hang them to dry.

You may want to rinse out the straps after they have dried once, this should help prevent any dye coming off if they get wet. Once they have dried again, hook themĀ to to the wiimotes and enjoy!