Norton Save And Restore Restoration Point On USB HDD Not Available

Norton Save And Restore is a retail package software applicaton that includes Disk Imaging technology. It differs from Norton Ghost corporate edition, but includes the old retail Norton Ghost 10. It allows a GUI backup to a selected location – in this case a USB hard drive.

Sometimes, an issue arises where during a recovery, and booting off the recovery CD, the backup restore point on a USB HDD is not seen by the program. Using the Browse For Recovery point shows no available points and the user cannot browse to the USB hard drive.

Clicking on the N in the Norton name opens a command window.

Run the Microsoft Diskpart command from the prompt using the command diskpart.

Type list volume. This will present a list of available volumes.

Attempt to figure out which drive the USB drive is from the list- it will not have a letter assigned, but its drive space will be about the size ofthe partition on the USB drive where the restore points are stored.

Use the select volumex command to choose the previously selected volume.

Use the assign letter =x command to assign a letter to the device. Try and use the letter that was previously assigned by windows during the previously created backups.

close the window and rescan for restore locations. The user should now be able to select the USB drive as a source of recovery points. Continue the restore normally, selecting the point and running the operation.