Toshiba Digital Phone Support in Vertical TeleVantage

Vertical TeleVantage can support a number of different digital phone manufacturers, such as Avaya, Nortel, and NEC. Toshiba digital phones are included in the list of supported devices, and TeleVantage supports this manufacturer very well, with a long list of supported models. A special board, the Toshiba Strata DKTU, is inserted in the server and the configuration allows the addition of up to 16 Toshiba stations per board. Because of this support, upgrading from a traditional PBX to Vertical TeleVantage can reduce costs for both hardware and training.

The Toshiba board is easy to configure, with drivers being added during the initial install of the specialized dialogic drivers included with the TeleVantage software. Once this is performed, there is no additional configuration. The device does not show up in the Dialogic DCM, rather it appears under Device Manager as a CTS:PCDKSC card.

Once the card is installed and the phones are plugged in, the individual phones will be identified as DKT devices in TeleVantage Administrator’s device manager. By configuring users, features may be mapped to each of the phone’s buttons. A template may be created to mass apply a standard button layout, or be used to selectively rollout certain configurations to specific users. Voice First answering is also supported, a feature older Toshiba PBX system use to intercom to an extension instead of ringing during an internal phone call.