Interspire logon fails even though password is correct after WWW redirect

Ran into this issue after modifying¬†Interspire Shopping Cart’s¬†main .htaccess file to 301 redirect non-www urls to . A log in to the admin section would fail each time, but using the same password after removing the www redirect would work. The problem is in the shop path variable, it must include the www part of the domain name. There are two points that this can be fixed in, by either editing the spop path under store settings, or by modifying the config.php file in the line that specifies the ISC_CFG variable “ShopPath”.

Common Computer Attack Types

Common computer attack types defined

Access Attacks– the attacker’s goal is to gain unauthorized access to information or services.
Dumpster Diving Literally picking the corporate dumpster for information. Also called Information Diving
Eavesdropping Simply listening in in an effort to gain knowledge.
Snooping Peeking around for information.
Interception The attacker positions himself covertly, either physically or in a digital sense, in the middle of a transaction or conversation.
Modification Attacks The attacker’s goal is to alter information for gain.
Repudiation Attacks Modifying with the purpose of discrediting or invalidating information.
Back Doors by design or surreptiously inserted, allows the attacker a ‘back door’ into a system or application for purposes of control Continue reading “Common Computer Attack Types”

.msp files eating up my disc space!

windirstat outputWorking on a system recently, I noticed that its 20 GB primary partition was low on disc space. There was nothing immediately obvious as to the cause, so I broke out the windirstat utility. This gives a visual representation of the filesystem, using different sized blocks to identify large files, and color codes each file to show the data type. This great utility immediately pointed out some large files with the .msp extension that were taking up 5GB of space on the disk. Continue reading “.msp files eating up my disc space!”

Sonicwall NSA 2400 Review

Upgrading from a Sonicwall Pro 2040 Enhanced

I recently had the opportunity to use the new Sonicwall NSA 2400. The Sonicwall name has been around for a while, known for making low-to-mid level network firewalls with available security service options. In the past I had used a Sonicwall Pro 2040 with the enhanced firmware – providing IDS/IPS, gateway antivirus, gateway antispyware and content filtering in addition to the firewall function. This new Sonicwall NSA 2400 was going to replace the Pro in a production environment.

The unit arrived Fed-Ex, in good shape. Sonicwall seems to double box their products, and then cushion the device in a layer of protective foam. The kit included the NSA 2400, a console cable, some ethernet cables, a power cord and documentation. Rack mount ears are also included- interestingly enough, these are a different hole pattern than past Sonicwall devices I have encountered. The NSA 2400 was preloaded with SonicOS Enhanced from the factory. Continue reading “Sonicwall NSA 2400 Review”

Quickbooks shipping manager problem | settings unavailable or problems starting the add in

You may receive Error 25002 or Error 11949 in the log files or event manager as an indicator of a problem in Quickbooks when setting up or using the shipping manager add-in.

Assuming the Quickbooks settings for shipping manager have already been set, a profile has been created on the computer. It appears that the Quickbooks shipping manager settings are per-user, so the first method of correcting the problem is to go into the settings and delete the ship information and close the shipping manager settings. If this does not work or the settings for shipping manager are unavailable, there is another way to reset Quickbooks’ settings: Continue reading “Quickbooks shipping manager problem | settings unavailable or problems starting the add in”

MASS CMR 201 17.00

New Regulations for Protection of Massachusetts Residents’ Personal Information

Code of Massachusetts 201 17.00 deals with the protection of personally identifying information. These guidelines were enacted as law, and deal with information security standards and notification of security breaches. The laws apply to businesses that “own, license, store or maintain personal information about a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts “. Massachusetts is not the first state to enact such laws, but rather has followed along with the new trend- creating regulations based around information security and the protection of state residents.

Personally Identifiable Information (referred to as PII) is loosely defined as a data entity including the first name or first initial, last name and combined with other non-public information such as financial account numbers, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, or PIN numbers that when combined, create a unique profile of a person. The combination of these factors would be useful in assuming an identity or committing fraud using another party’s name. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts declares that lawfully obtained publically accessible information is excluded from being categorized as PII, as is information gathered in good faith. Oddly enough, Mass CMR 201 17.00 does not apply to state government, but a separate executive order (501) does. Continue reading “MASS CMR 201 17.00”

Playing back .vox files using Winamp

Need an audio player for .vox files? Vox files are commonly created by Dialogic boards in telephony applications. These sound recordings use very small amounts of space, and usually a VOX file is encoded at a sampling rate of 8000Hz. To play back VOX files, software that understands the format is required. The free software Winamp can be configured to playback VOX files, with no additional cost to the user.

Steps for enabling .vox playback in Winamp

Continue reading “Playing back .vox files using Winamp”

Norton Save And Restore Restoration Point On USB HDD Not Available

Norton Save And Restore is a retail package software applicaton that includes Disk Imaging technology. It differs from Norton Ghost corporate edition, but includes the old retail Norton Ghost 10. It allows a GUI backup to a selected location – in this case a USB hard drive.

Sometimes, an issue arises where during a recovery, and booting off the recovery CD, the backup restore point on a USB HDD is not seen by the program. Using the Browse For Recovery point shows no available points and the user cannot browse to the USB hard drive.

Continue reading “Norton Save And Restore Restoration Point On USB HDD Not Available”