Fixed Value Resistor Color Codes: Reading Resistors

Resistance is a measure of the collision of free electrons and individual atoms. The more collisions, the more resistance. (R). Resistors have colored bands that are coded to indicate the resistance that the unit provides.

Black 0
Brown 1
Red 2
Orange 3
Yellow 4
Green 5
Blue 6
Violet 7
Grey 8
White 9

Precision ( % variance):

Gold 5%
Silver 10%
No Band 20%

A lower percentage indicates a more accurate measurment of variance.

When reading a resistor, the 3rd band indicates how many 0’s
The 4th band indicateds the precision.
The exception : If the resistor is 10 Ohms or less, the 3rd band will be the multiplier. Look for the 3rd band to be silver or gold in this case.

Silver 0.01
Gold 0.1


Black Brown Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet Grey White
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