Vertical TeleVantage How To Determine Who An Agent Is Calling As

┬áTeleVantage user’s calls are tracked and routed according to who they are and their routing lists. A regular user can place and receive calls and those calls are credited to that user in system reports. Agents who do not log out of phones when hot-desking may cause reports to be skewed.

When a TeleVantage user is a member of a queue or multiple queues, they can call as themselves, or as a queue agent. If the agent is a member of multiple queues, they can be calling as a member of each specific individual queue. To quickly determine who an agent is calling as, press *0. The system will announce who the phone is configured to be calling as.

If the agent has the Viewpoint application available, the lower status bar will show who the agent is making or receiving the call as. The user can switch identities easily by clicking on the status bar and choosing a ‘calling as’ from a drop down list.

Each queue may have different settings, for instance, queue call recording. To be sure that the proper settings are used, the agents should be trained as to the correct ‘calling as’ status for the individual organization’s settings.