Vertical TeleVantage Call History Functionality

Vertical TeleVantage now has a call history feature available to any user who has the Viewpoint client. The Call History pane shows cradle to grave call details illustrating how each call traveled through the system. This tool simplifies tracing calls through the system, and is an invaluable tool when troubleshooting calls that arrived in incorrect locations when the cause is complicated routing, incorrect end-user handling or even mistakes made by the calling party.

The call history information is available to anyone who can see the call log entry they have rights to access. Administrators can use the functionality system wide, users are restricted based on the rights they have been granted. Call center agents can see queue call history if they are specifically granted the right to view the queue’s call log, so queue supervisors can have separation of duties from queue agents.

By selecting a call in the call log and clicking the Call History tab, a user can see all the details of where that call has been in the system, with details including a running ‘call time’ log, what buttons were pressed by the user in auto-attendants, what routing list or call rules were used, transfers, holds, wait times and more. History for active calls can be obtained using the call monitor interface, also by clicking the history tab. This information is updated as actions happen. Call History is retained for 5 days by default in order to conserve disk space, but this system wide setting may be adjusted based on client needs.

An example of the usefulness of this functionality is when an angry caller claims that they have been on hold for 20 minutes, or spoke to an agent who hung up on them. These claims can be verified immediately by reading the call history details. Another useful example is when a user ends up at an incorrect extension because they misdialed. A viewpoint user can look at call history and make an educated decision about which extension the caller was trying to reach and transfer them there with confidence that the calling party will be served quickly and professionally.