Vertical TeleVantage Archived Recording Browser

Vertical TeleVantage includes a client for browsing archived call recordings. This tool is installed via the “custom” option of the client setup utility. Once installed, a user who has been granted permissions to browse and search a particular archive may do so, if a user has permissions for multiple archives, they can choose from a drop down of archives to select from.

Archived recordings are culled from mailboxes and saved on a schedule set from the TeleVantage Administrator utility. These scheduled events specify when and how often the calls will be archived. These recordings are then stored on the archive server, which is most likely a separate computer that runs the Vertical TeleVantage Archiving Service.

Once the client starts the Archived Recording Browser, they are presented with a search dialog box. This interface allows choosing which items to search for, and also allows saving parameters as a named search.

Some available search fields include:

  • Phone Number, From or To
  • Server Name (multiple servers may be available)
  • Mailbox to search
  • Received
  • Length
  • Call Notes
  • Archive Notes
  • Flagged for Follow-Up

Boolean type searches are also supported using modifiers like “and” “or” etc. as a search condition.

Results returned allow the viewer to act on individual recordings. The user is allowed to sort the results, play individual recordings back, export a call to different supported audio formats, view call history, and flag recordings for follow up.

For mailbox maintenance, both delete and purge options are available. Deleting is straightforward, but the purge option can be used for more advanced cleanup, deleting recordings that meet a set of criteria.