How to back up Vertical TeleVantage

In addition to daily server backup, TeleVantage has a seperate backup procedure. A regular schedule of performing this backup should be followed- this will allow the quickest restore of a server in the event of problems. The following instructions assume the system default installation has been chosen, if the install locations are different, then adjust accordingly.

Choose Tools–> Backup Database. This creates two files, a dump of the database and some registry entries.
Copy these backed up files to an off server location
C:\TeleVantage Server\Data Backup\Tvdb.dmp
C:\TeleVantage Server\Data Backup\Tvserver.reg

Now, copy the voice files off server – get the entire directory at
C:\Program Files\TeleVantage Server\Vfiles

If you use account codes, get them too-
C:\Program Files\TeleVantage Server\accountcode\accountcode.txt

Backups can only be restored to the same version of Vertical TeleVantage they were created from. If the backup is run during heavy useage, some voice mails may be missed in the backup process. It is reccomended that the backups are created during off peak hours. If the server is stopped before the backup, there is no chance of missing a voicemail during the backup procedure.