How To Monitor Queue Performance In Vertical Televantage

How to monitor a queue using a phone

Dial *55 when logged onto the system using an account that has the “monitor queue” permission. Statisitics will be announced using the system IVR and prompts.

Callers Waiting – How many calls are waiting in the queue
Expected Wait Time – Results of a formula indicating how long of a wait there currently is
Active Agents – Number of available agents
Total Calls – Number of calls received in the current period
Abandon Rate – Abandon calls in percentage of total calls

How to monitor a queue using Viewpoint

Open the Queue Monitor folder in Viewpoint, when logged on as a user with Queue Monitorpermissions. Each individual queue the user has monitor permissions for will appear as a tab. Agent State shows the status of each agent in real time. The Queue Statistics pane shows tallied stats for the whole queue. Clicking the buttons for Inbound, Outbound, and Combined Stats breaks out the numbers by category.

Overall queue statistics are reset at midnight. Shifts and periods can be defined as well, and may be helpful for monitoring performance in a multiple shift environment.