Vertical TeleVantage License File Types Explained

Televantage license files are text files that contain information about purchased licenses, and are unique to each purchase. A reseller delivers the file (or files) to be imported into a server. These licenses then need to be activated to tie the purchase to a hardware system. The license files may also be exported, which is a good practice for disaster recovery.

The license file contains types of licences and unique keys for each item. The types laid out in the below key can help decipher the actual counts of each product in the license file.

  • Type 0 – Server
  • Type 1 – Station
  • Type 2 – Trunk
  • Type 3 – Client
  • Type 4 – IP Trunk
  • Type 5 – Call Center Agent
  • Type 6 – Reporter
  • Type 7 – Enterprise Manager
  • Type 8 – Conference Manager